about me

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My passion and talent for languages began at school where I became particularly fascinated by English language and literature. The logical progression for me was to study English and Italian language, literature and cultural studies, in which I obtained my Masters degree in 2008.


Picture: I-vista / pixelio.de

In order to examine other fields of language studies more closely, I opted for an in-service training in Translation Studies (with focus on economics) from 2009 to 2013.

Language is ever evolving and it is the role of a language mediator to maintain comprehension of it through constant study and reflection. It is important to exchange views on it and I endeavour to spend as much time as possible in English- and Italian-speaking countries to do so. Considerable time spent abroad (e.g. in Glasgow, London, Perugia and Florence) helped expand my knowledge and strengthen my appreciation for the countries and their people.

My work as a freelance translator for English and German began in 2013 and I am duly appointed and sworn in by the President of the Mannheim Regional Court. After additional qualification in the fields of prepress, layouting and desktop publishing I also offer these services in individual cases.

educational background

  • M.A. in English and Italian language, literature, cultural studies, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (2008)
  • Translation Studies as an Open University Course (economics), AKAD University Stuttgart (2013)
  • duly appointed and sworn in by the President of the Mannheim Regional Court
  • working as a freelance translator since 2013
  • working as a freelance layouter (DTP, prepress) since 2014

  • member of the Federal Association of Interpretors and Translators (BDÜ) since 2009
  • regular trainings with the BDÜ (e.g. translation of certificates, CAT tools etc.)
  • further training on the following topics: prepress production, layouting and desktop publishing